Shut Your Mouth! It is New India.

India will remain India it is not going to be NEW INDIA or OLD INDIA. Government may come Government may go but India will continue. It should be clear here that strength of India is its citizen not Government or any political party. India consist of each and every individual who has the citizenship of India whether he/she is religious, non religious, indigenous, non indigenous, rich, poor, educated, uneducated, followers of any political party, non followers of any political party, believers of Gau Mata or non believers of Gau Mata.

Citizen of India is bound to Indian constitution not to any political party, any organisation or any individual. Not only citizen but all the institutions, political parties, group of people who exist in India are bound to India constitution only.  No one can surpass the constitution of India knowingly or unknowingly whether he/she is cow lover or pig hater.

In the name of development decent voices should not be headed off, farmers should not be beaten brutally, Students should not be targeted for raising voices against any policies of Government, For the sake of vote Bharat Mata should not be allotted to Qabristan (graveyard) and Shamshan (crematorium) only. Ikhlaq and Pehlu khan should not handed over to wild wolf.

Is this the definition of New India where group of people are lynching someone in the name of Gau Mata, beating and assaulting to loving couples in the name of Anti-Romeo squads, killing someone in the name of Mandir/Masjid. Love Jihad, Anti Romeo like useless topics are the matter of debate on so-called progressive TV channels.  

Whatever the definition of New India, if it is disservice to the citizen of India then it is meaningless. India needs education, employment, research, technology etc. By re-naming the name of cities, institutions and scheme or by defending hate mongers, these needs are not going to fulfill.

We do not need NEW INDIA where farmers are forced to eat rat, where students are force to do suicide, where decent voices are suppressed, where opposing to Government policies and plan is treated as anti national, where animals are more important than human.

We need OUR INDIA where JUSTICE, LIBERTY, EQUALITY and FRATERNITY have been assured.


मेरी क़लम से…………

                               रज़ा क़ादिर





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