Reaction of commercialization of Education in Bihar

Once upon a time Bihar was a central point of Education and knowledge at global level but now the situation is in danger zone. It did not happen fortuitously. There was a planed system working to take Education in danger zone deliberately not in Bihar only but also at country level or Global level.

There was a time when a matriculation passed out had ample of in-depth knowledge. During early 80’s if someone passed 10th exam with First Class (more than 60% marks) treated as more admirable and knowledgeable. But it is disheartening to see now that state toppers do not know about their subject name also. Reason is very simple, the quality of education going down day by day.

                    “Teachers teach for piece of paper that is money…

          Students also do study for a piece of paper that is certificate/degree”.


Recent toppers scandal in Bihar is not the matter of strange because it’s not new. If media will do more such stings, then approximately more than 60% of educational institutions have been found to indulge in same practice. Government is well aware about the worse situation of the level of education, despite knowing all the matter Government just watching drama as Silent spectator and helping the education mafia to make the education a saleable commodity.

There are various reasons for abysmal level of education in Bihar some major reasons are:

  • Costly private schools
  • Incompetent teachers
  • Unnecessary Political Interference in Educational system  
  • Go to school for freebies, not for education
  • Poor Infrastructure

Those who do advocacy that the performance of Bihar in education is good. I am putting some fact and data for them:

  1. A recent survey by National University of Educational Planning & Administration (NUEPA) has determined that only 21% of all primary school teachers in Bihar have completed the matriculation; or 10th standard.
  1.  According to one survey done by “Pratham”, most students studying in Classes V to VIII don’t even know how to read and write a simple sentence. Even many teachers were not in a position to write Hindi and English properly.
  1. Researchers have found that 37.8 percent of Bihar’s teachers could not be found during unannounced visits to schools, the worst teacher absence rate in India and one of the worst in the world.
  1. Many primary schools are running in hut.
  1. Only 43 percent of schools have separate kitchen for mid-day meal preparation.
  1. Eleven out of 21 districts have girls’ enrolment ratio below 50 percent of total strength of students.
  1. Only 34.76 percent have separate toilets for girls but some of them were locked.
  1. If we talk about state capital Patna, according to a survey, 1,665 children living in different localities were found doing child labour as they were living in slums. Thirteen percent of them were found to drug addict.
  1. it was found that only 21.24% schools had regular teachers while the rest were on contract basis.
  1. Only 10.95% schools had all weather classrooms.
  1. Report says most of the government colleges in Bihar are not offering regular classes to students.
  1. Higher educational institution has become strike Place.

I agree that Government initiated lots of schemes and programs for education and the percentage of budget in education is high but where is the outcome. Yes, the outcome is only attendance of students in primary education have been increased for collecting mid-day meal, Dresses by paying bribes and cycle at the end of the year of class. 

I agree too that students of Bihar have good participation in UPSC and Other Government exams. But I am arguing here that they choose UPSC and Government sector only because they have no other option. Some of them crack UPSC after lots of struggle or some of them do suicide.

At last I would like to say that Commercialization of Education is the root cause of every problem.

                       Education was the solution of every problem in life……

                       Now Education become problem for life.


मेरी क़लम से…………

रज़ा क़ादिर







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