I remember that Delhi High Court observed that…

“National Capital is not even an Asia class City”

Now we can imagine that how will we make Delhi a world class city? if it is not even an Asia Class City.

It is very deplorable that Political Pundits are giving Prawachan to the DELHI KI JANTA that they will make Delhi a World Class City. But why have they forgotten that for last three consecutive terms Five Figures have ruled in Delhi and Saffron Flower is still ruling in local bodies (MCD- Municipal Corporation of Delhi). If they are unable to fulfill even the basic needs of DELHI KI JANTA then how can they make Delhi a World class city?

Now ball in the hand of DELHI KI JANTA. DELHI KI JANTA is much intelligent and aware. Ministers and senior leaders have set aside to another part of country and busy in Self praise is no recommendation for the vote of DELHI KI JANTA.

Five Figures talk about 15 years, Muffler Man talks about 49 days and Saffron Flower talks about Muffler Man’s Muffler and Cough.

Five Figures seems like paralyzed in Delhi, Muffler Man in Action and Saffron Flower is busy in throwing mud at Muffler Man rather than blooming in mud.

No one can deny the Muffler Man has ample of innovative and creative volunteers than others. We can estimate the capacity and creativeness of Muffler Man’s Volunteers by this that Modi wave along with senior ministers of Modi Government stepped onto the streets to counter Muffler Man rather than promoting Swacha Bharat and Black money.

Pundits of Saffron Flower are so nervous this time in Delhi election that they forgotten to prepare manifesto even did mistake in vision document also.

Without commenting on Election Exit Poll. It is clear that either Muffler Man will be in action or Saffron Flower will be bloom. It will be head-ach for Saffron Flower in both cases. Power of Muffler man will be doubled in case of opposition but if get full majority the Muffler Man will release full movie that is “5 Sal Kejriwal”.

With best wishes and tones of gratitude

Raza Quadir