Respected Leaders of Development,

With humble respect I want to state that I was very optimistic when you told that you will take our country in the path development apace if you will get a chance to sit on Communion table. I thought you were saying true because successive government completed years but rather than increasing literacy rate open more and more Education factories which are producing more and more inefficient machines, that are very dangerous for our country.

Like me more than lakhs of youngsters count on you and your “Development Lahar” and put you on the top of Communion table because of Development, Development and Development only.

Dear leaders of development, when you told before sitting on Communion table that “India first should be Government’s religion & constitution its holy book” that time I had taken this statement heartily. It gave me lots of joys and happiness, but it got hurt me a lot when you were on offshore visit.

Dear leaders of development, I am not demanding 1,00,0000/- in my account as liability. I want my 15,00,000/- back which you had promised me before. I want employment; please give me work I want to earn more than lakhs like you.

Sir, why are they abusing me and dividing “Ramzade vs Haramzade”? I am not spreading garbage here there and not put it in rivers also. So-called corporate houses which are nearer and dearer to you they are spreading garbage and put it into rivers in a large number. I am always trying to make Swachh Bharat without any camera attention.

Sir, that was my mistaken that I forgot to ask you the meaning of Development, when you talk about development before sitting on communion table. But now not possible to ask because you are too busy in offshore trips and land acquisition for corporate houses.

At last I have a question in my mind that is Conversion compulsory for development?

With best wishes and tons of gratitude​

Raza Quadir
Mb:- +91-9692330642


  1. darvesh kabhi darvaari nahi hote, dilo ke saah kabhi vyapari nahi hote, akeedat daalti hai inme jaan, warna pathar kabhi chamatkri nahi hote, chahete (laadle) hi kare aiesh daftar me sabhi ke dour sarkaari nahi hote, sahe hai tanh “RAZA QUADIR” bawafa hoker, dilo ke dard kabhi akhbaari nahi hote…….

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