Only words can differentiate…

‘Civilized Vs. Uncivilized’

This is not the matter of alienated that Sadhvi Niranjan jyoti use such a language but the most deplorable thing is that a “KATHA VACHAK”, “SOCIAL WORKER” or MINISTER” open her foul mouth in public meeting. Sadhvi Niranjan jyoti calls herself a “KATHA VACHAK” (she is someone who delivers religious sermons through storytelling). She also presents herself as social worker.

Is this becomingness that a KATHA VACHAK use such a word by which bad message spread in the society and hurt someone sentiment. Either she has forgotten that she is a KATHA VACHAK cum SOCIAL WORKER or became blind by getting political power. No one can deny that she is a representative of people but it does not mean that she should be allowed to cross all limit by giving silly statement or using abusive sentences.

Government is defending Sadhvi because BJP do not want to lose that constitutional area in political crucial-seat of Uttar Pradesh. BJP government always claims that his government will not spare anybody who violates the law. Using abusive language for people who give the change to BJP to run the government is not a violation of rule in eyes of BJP government.

sadhvi naranjan jyoti

If talk in other sense then our India is a democratic country where also live (in Sadhvi’s literature) RAHEEMZADE (Islam), JESUSZADE(Christian), GURUNANAKZAADE(Sikh), MAHAVEER ZADE(Jain) etc. Why she talk about government of RAMZADE Vs HARAMZADE. In this context she told that only followers of Lord RAM are good and others are HAARAMZADE (BASTER). Is this the teaching of Lord RAM or is this allows our constitution to Sadhvi.

People have chosen BJP for “ACHHE DIN” not to listen abuse.

With best wishes and tons of gratitude​

Raza Quadir
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