Then things got worse when we handed over our religion to some religious Gurus and give all the religious responsibilities to them and get relaxed.

Now whenever we think about the word “DHARMA” at that moment in spite of study of Geeta, Bible, Guru Granth Sahib, Quran and other religious book we follow religious Gurus blindly and we suppose those Gurus as Dharma Granth and follow them blindly.

This self-righteous and unrighteous religious sage use religion as ladder of success on the foundation of our belief and try to use that ladder for getting name, fame and luxurious life. There are a lot of examples available in front of us but whenever we heard such cases we just comment on that like Baba should be killed, punished or hanged etc. But then we only people go to attend their Prawachan and support them to misuse of our religion.

Religion which is used by some people as ladder for getting power, name, fame, sometimes to hide their misdeed. Is this mention in religious book that religious guru can get name, fame and luxury by using religion as a ladder?, Is this mention in religious book that Dharma guru can collect donation by using religion as a ladder, Is this mention in religious book that Baba can enter political career by using religion as a ladder?, Is this mention in religious book that Baba can do human trafficking by using religion as a ladder?.

Absolutely not….

Strictly speaking, religion is the way by which human being can identify their real existence and potential. Religion is that which give the teaching for sacrifice of our life for the welfare of humanity without any discrimination. Religion does not give us teaching for getting name, fame and luxury by killing anyone.

The persons who refer them as so called Dharma guru and hide their original faces behind the sugar coated layer of falsehood, if we get flash back their earlier life then we find that they have not any relation with spirituality and sacrifice. So which kinds of Dharma guru they are who only need lot donations, large number of audiences and media coverage.

If this is called dharma then why lord Rama went for 14 year Vanwas, Swami Vivekananda went Iceland for meditation which is in the middle of deep ocean and Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon) used to go in the cave for submitting himself in the name of Allah.

Friends, we have to understand that to whom we belief a lot and make them our Dharma Guru and follow them blindly obey there every instructions they just misusing us and play with our emotion and belief. We always prefer to attend the pravawachan and gain religious knowledge about our dharma rather than study our Dharma Grantha . But how could someone give us the true knowledge as they are ignorant.

In present situation there are lot riot and conflict arising in the name of Dharma between two or more religion, the reason behind is the improper knowledge of our Dharma Grantha. We became blood thirsty of each other by listening the provoking baseless Prawachan of some so called Pakandhi Dharma Gurus.

Whatever the meaning of Dharma in any religion but every religion teach us to serve the welfare of humanity. So, why there are a lot of riot and conflict arising in the name of Dharma? Do the followers of one religion not consider the follower of another religion as human being?

The only matter which is need to understand that in spite of follow the Pakhandi Dharma Gurus we should study Dharma Granth or should choose real Dharma Gurus who cannot be purchased in the market like so called Pakhandi Babas.

Raza Quadir