Freedom was a tough nut to crack for India

 Freedom was a tough nut to crack for India…….

“Our martyrs had not brought it from market

   So that… we sold it in the rate of vegetables”.

In the 67th anniversary of Indian Independence Day I would like to warm greeting to fellow citizens of India and give tribute and salute to all martyrs who sacrificed their life for the freedom of India.

It is not good that we memorized those personalities on the occasion of national festivals only, their sacrifice and contribution should be perpetuated always. Why we forget the ideologies of those martyrs and great personalities who sacrificed their life for the freedom of India when they were fighting for the country, they never ever thought that they are Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Christian. They fought as an Indian not as a Muslim, not as a Hindu, not as a Sikh or not as a Christian. Everyone shed their blood for the freedom of India and all bloods are red then how can we discriminate that Hindu gave more blood and Muslim gave less vice-versa, either they were Teepu sultan, (Tiger of Mysore) or Lakshmibai (The Rani of Jhansi) or Bhagat singh (Shaheed Bhagat Singh).

Now why we people discriminate the colour of human blood why people are fight in the name of Mandir, Masjid, Gurudwara and church. We are very fortunate that our constitution allow equal right to everyone.

The dream India of those martyrs never like this where people spread discord and fight in the name of so-called Communalism and other stupid things.

Dear friends: I am very happy to state that our country is indeed a bizarre country where foreigners longs for the fragrance of the soil of India but along with this I am very sad to state that People have full of rage and they are as much frustrated as they became Bitter blood letting of each other. They have forgotten even to think about the development of our country. This attitude of people leads us to desolation not towards “ACHHE DIN”.


Now time has changed, new generation have become frustrate with so-called communalism and superstitious mentality. This is a warning for those people who have communal and superstitious mentality. If they will not change then new generation will changed them by force.

Friends: This is the time to be united and take our country on the way of development. If we will not become united then again offshore forces will take advantages of our dissonance.

Friends: let’s pledge together today that we will make our India “sone ki chiryan” again.  

“Sare Jahan se Achha Hindustan Hamara”

With best wishes and tons of gratitude​

Raza Quadir 
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RCM strike which converted 5 years into 86 days

 It was not for the first time in my life that I have opposed corrupt systems. In every phase of my life I have fought with many corrupt systems and changed it but this time I have experienced something new. A corrupt system which had been practised since 2009 had not been opposed by anyone for last five years.

When I started to oppose, there were many personalities stood against me as a snag even some of my friends also. I started my journey against the corrupt system and some people started their journey to protect the corrupt system.

Here the fight started between Truth and Falsehood    

From the 2009 everyone try to oppose this corrupt system but none of them could able to change, may be reason whatsoever. We converted this impossible to possible within 86 days only because our strong determination, dedication and focused to our only goal that is BPUT degree. I experienced that if we will focus on our goal with strong determination and honesty then no one can stop to reach the goal.

In spite of unknown about Odia language I could able to convey my message to every one’s heart and aware to all about the fact. Neither mental pressure nor Physical threaten could be able to break my determination.

I will be grateful to RTI by which I could able to get all the information and fact related to degree issue which had not been solved for last five years. Email id by which I could convey daily updates to media and others. Surprising facts related to this issue which made stronger to this fight and horrified the college management. The courage which crossed all limits and encouraged everyone to go beyond every boundary.

How can I forget our strike place “The Karma Bhumi” (The place where RCM students 2012 -14 and 2013-15 batch taught real management lessons) without which our success could not be completed.

I would like to dignify the most important part of our fight “The RCM Girls” I used to call them my strength. We cannot forget the contribution of “The RCM Girls”.  “The RCM Girls” had broken all the barriers and changed all the rules and regulations even they had that much courage to stay at the strike place at night that seems impossible and endured all the persecute physical as well as mental.

I never forget to those friends who had on hunger strike without concerning about their health for indefinite period of time and also to those friends who continued their participation till the end.

As I discussed many times on strike place that the fight has been divided into five steps, if I will not mention those five steps in this article, may be this article could be incomplete.

  1. Collection of information – Which has been done By RTI
  2. Spread the information – Which could be possible through the mail id
  3. Action Plan – Which horrified the management, Police, bureaucrats and able to catch the eyes of media houses.
  4. Implementation- In which all my friends had stood my side from the beginning to the end.
  5. Celebration – Which was not for me actually because I won on that day when strike started because I believe that if a person thinks that he can reach the goal definitely he can reach. I celebrated on that day when I had started the fight.

First of all I would like to special thanks to those people who created obstacles in this movement, because of him/her I became stronger and determinant. And also thanks to those who left this fight in middle.

Thanks to those political bodies who guided me in every moment of this fight and encouraged me to go ahead without any fear.

I have all the respect and regards to all those faculties as well as non-teaching staff of RCM College who helped me a lot during the strike but I cannot mention his/her name. I know they will be happy to read this.

Team AIDSO really deserves respect and dignity for their intention to do something for society without any expectation and fear. AISDO played great roll to make this movement success.

Media the fourth pillar of our democracy bounded to Odisha government to solve this issue. I salute to media houses or persons who help us a lot.

I would like to thanks all my friends apart from RCM who helped me a lot from Delhi to reach the media person.

I never forget the contribution of my loving juniors and respected seniors in every situation.

At last I have all the faith and believe in Allah who gave me strengths to make impossible to possible. Finally I crossed another mile stone in my life. Thank to Allah for everything.

“All praises and thanks be to Allah

With best wishes and tons of gratitude​
 Raza Quadir 
Mb:- +91-9692330642