Education system IN India….my views

if our government really want to develop our country. First it has to change education system of India. Education is the back bone of any nation. It will change the mind set of people. It will give new ideas and inventions. It makes harmony among the people. Government should make centralized rule to govern the education system of India like Indian railway. Indian railway is famous for centralized network. Under a single network Indian railway  operated. Same as Education system should be controlled and operated under a single network. It should be an apex body who will be authorized to monitor all levels of educational institutions(Higher level, Higher secondary level, Secondary level, Primary level and upper primary level).

Only providing scholarship, Midday meal and other greedy facilities to the students to increase the literacy rate of India is not that much enough. Still in India consider educated who can singe (write their name only) only. This is the level of education in India, then how can our government assure us that we can be developed country up to 2015. There are many fake universities running. Many colleges, schools and educational institutions give admission directly to the students on behalf of money(so called donation) under management quota. There are many educational institutions who break the rule set by government.

Finally education system in India has become great commercial hub anyone want to invest in education business no one want to give quality education. Government is taking many initiatives to develop education sector but it is going down day by day. No doubt Government scheme really help to entourage people toward education. There are more schools, colleges and universities now, ample of opportunities available, but the objective of school, colleges and universities have changed. Now the objective of educational institutions are gaining more and more profit and treat to student as a customer. This is the biggest difference between ancient education system and modern education system.

Raza quadir